Future Plans for BBB of Denver/Boulder Include Implosion

images 150x150 Future Plans for BBB of Denver/Boulder Include Implosion Dale Mingilton, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder , likes to say that our organization is “in the business of going out of business.”  Mr. Mingilton means that if our crack staff continues to dedicate itself to the creation of a completely ethical marketplace, the need for organizations like the BBB will cease to exist.  To me, (maybe I just like my job,) this notion has always seemed a little far-fetched.  But this week, I was very pleased when the BBB of Denver/Boulder proved me wrong.

If you don’t have time to read the press release, I’ll tell you that in 2011 complaints to the BBB decreased by 21 percent, and inquiry requests increased by 22 percent.  This indicates that consumers are using the BBB as a safeguard against consumer fraud and unethical business practices; instead of as a forum to air grievances, or recover compensatory damages for an actual loss in a marketplace transaction.  People are noticing that the BBB can keep them out of sticky situations, and we couldn’t be happier about this.

I would like offer my sincere congratulations to the other 44 full time employees of the BBB of Denver/Boulder. (I won’t count myself here; I’m not sure that analytics/Facebook have anything to do with inquiries and complaints.)  In a world where the number of not-for-profit organizations seem to be multiplying exponentially, and the funding of actual improvements are sometimes dwarfed by operating budgets, you guys are doing a stellar job carrying out our mission.  Though I hope we don’t put ourselves out of business in the immediate future, the numbers are saying we’re on the right track.

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