Beware of Funeral Scams

Funeral two Downsized 150x150 Beware of Funeral Scams One generally doesn’t think of funerals as a revenue stream, but to some unscrupulous lowlifes it’s an opportunity to take advantage of individuals when they are most vulnerable. One scam method is to extort money to settle fake debts. Scammers check out obituaries, attend the funeral, and then contact family members claiming that they are owed money from the deceased. BBB advises you to be cautious, don’t just pay it without asking any questions. Be sure to ask the person claiming the debt to provide verifiable documentation to substantiate the debt. Don’t provide or confirm any financial information over the phone before verifying the legitimacy of the debt. If the debt collector becomes abusive or threatening, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission or your local police. For more information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from this scam please contact your BBB.

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