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How We Greened Our Business

At TicketPrinting.com, we’re constantly refining our business model to create a more sustainable and responsible product. For instance, since we sell print products, we are well aware of the green cost involved in creating the paper used in every aspect of the business. At the same time, priding ourselves in the quality of our final product, we couldn’t offer our customers an inferior paper type simply to brag about our use of recyclable materials. We had to search for some time until we found the perfect solution. It didn’t happen overnight; we were committed to choosing the best, and we kept researching until we found it.

Some decisions, like finding recycled paper that meet our high standards, are difficult and take time. Some decisions, like dropping waste paper into a recycling bin, are easy. Once you make that decision, though, you’re choosing to improve your company’s image, reduce your long term costs, and benefit the entire planet.

How did we manage to green our business?

  • Energy: TicketPrinting.com uses one hundred percent renewable and carbon-free energy from a local wind farm.
  • Paper: We offer a wholly recycled paper product produced without chlorine. With fifty percent less emissions than traditional paper manufacturing and no trees killed in the process, it still manages to meet our high standards.
  • Printing: We use non-toxic dry toner ink that is easily recyclable, does not generate hazardous waste, and looks great from Xerox. Another easy choice for us.
  • Efficiency: Quality assurance minimizes paper waste, while overall efficiency minimizes energy waste.
  • Carbon Offsets: Not only do we encourage low-carbon ground shipping, we purchase carbon offsets to cover all our shipping, resulting in a carbon neutral shipping operation.
  • Alternative Fuel: UPS, our delivery partner, prides itself on one of the largest fleets of alternative fuel vehicles
  • Recycling: We recycle all paper byproducts from our business, including shipping and packing materials.
  • Virtual Space: A web-based business with telecommuting employees (where feasible) results in even greater energy savings.
  • Conservation: To further demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we donate five percent of our annual net income to conservation organizations.

Some of our choices are unique to our business, of course, but implementation of these decisions in an industry that is historically fiercely competitive can be done. Greening your business is the result of conscientiously practicing sustainability, and partnering with companies that share these values. It may take a little effort, but you can create a sustainable business.

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