What Color Is Your Public Image? Part I

going green 150x150 What Color Is Your Public Image? Part IGreen Practice Makes Good Business Sense

Customers today seek substance over façade, and one way you can prove your commitment to their values is to practice sustainability. In other words, if you’ve gone green, now is the time to mention it, and if you haven’t gone green, ask yourself how you can make your business a little more environmentally sound.

Conservation and environmental issues are a factor in your customers’ decisions, and proving your dedication to the cause can provide your company with a little corporate shine. In the long run, these choices can save you money and create a positive overall benefit in the world.

So, what can you change in order to green your business?

  • Power your business, at least in part, with renewable energy like solar, wind, hydroelectric, or geothermal
  • Choose environmentally responsible vendors and partners; association with a green agency makes you more green
  • Use recycled or recyclable materials in packaging
  • Make your products recyclable
  • Reduce overall waste in your facilities; recycle when possible
  • Encourage telecommuting
  • Donate a percentage of your profits to an environmental charity

All together, these may amount to some huge changes, but considered one by one, you can most likely implement some of them easily. No doubt you have employees who would prefer to telecommute. Consider how important their physical presence is in the office, compared to the fossil fuels consumed to get them to the office (not to mention your savings on company resources they won’t be consuming). Making small changes in procedures can translate into a big reduction in waste (again, saving you money).

Take a long view and start researching other changes you can make. Deciding to change suppliers or materials is a big choice, but making sustainable choices can result in positive benefits in the future. That’s why so many companies make the investment in clean energy. TicketPrinting.com, for instance, is one hundred percent wind powered. We’re located from just two miles from the largest wind farm in the state, and our customers appreciate knowing that their products are produced with renewable carbon free energy.

Of course, the alternative energy choices available to you are dependent on the region of the country in which you live. Making the change might require an initial investment, but these investment pay off: financially, environmentally, and in terms of your customers’ image of your responsibility and trustworthiness.

Similarly, reducing packaging or choosing recyclable packaging will have the same effect. People notice. People care.

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