Third-Party Charges Increasingly Appearing on Phone Bills

cellphone android 150x150 Third Party Charges Increasingly Appearing on Phone BillsAs the popularity of texting continues to rise, many people are being scammed into charges from third-party companies who solicit via text messages, reports the Detroit News.

Many of these companies will send text messages repeatedly, charging for each message. The only way to stop receiving the messages is to reply “STOP.” Often, people will neglect to do this, thinking that they will go away if ignored.

The latest scam requests testers for the iPhone 5. The text message says that the first 1,000 users to enter a code found in the message will get to keep the iPhone they test. If the victim agrees to “test” the product, they will receive spam and telemarketing calls.

In an effort to thwart these scams, the Federal Communications Commission is looking at new rules to stop unauthorized third-party charges from appearing on phone bills (called “cramming”).

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota has noticed that complaints regarding cramming have surged in recent months.

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