Spirit Airlines Adds $2 Fee, Blames the Government

plane in flight 150x150 Spirit Airlines Adds $2 Fee, Blames the GovernmentIf you fly Spirit Airlines, expect to pay an additional $2 charge on tickets. The low-cost carrier blames the government’s new rule that allows passengers to change their minds within 24 hours of booking a trip without paying a penalty, according to USA Today.

The fee, which Spirit called the “Department of Transportation’s unintended consequences” fee, is being added to the majority of one-way fares.

The Transportation Department isn’t happy about the the charge. “This is just another example of the disrespect with which too many airlines treat their passengers,” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says.

How do you feel about the fee?

Read more: http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/travel/story/2012-02-02/Spirit-adds-2-fee-blames-new-regulations/52941160/1

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