Social Media Scammers Exploit Whitney Houston’s Death

facebook 150x150 Social Media Scammers Exploit Whitney Houstons DeathFamous singer, Whitney Houston’s recent death was shocking and resulted in a multitude of media coverage surrounding the circumstances of her untimely passing. Like with the deaths of Steve Jobs and Kim Jong-Il, scammers are already hoping to capitalize on consumers’ curiosity.

Examples of scams being posted to Facebook read, “Whitney Houston’s autopsy reveals a shocking secret that explains her death” or “The dark secret that ruled Whitney Houston’s life and tragically led to her death.”

Anyone who clicks on one of the links, pretending to lead to a well-known news site, will be redirected several times and taken to a survey page. In this way, scammers are able to transform generated traffic into profit, as they are paid for the survey results.

After taking the survey, users are redirected to a video of a generic TV report about Houston’s death. The scammers profit again, as every hit on the video raises its ranking, attracts more viewers and turns into revenue through well-placed Google AdSense ads.

Other similar scams have led to consumers unknowingly downloading viruses and malicious Trojans, used as aids in identity theft. Don’t let your curiosity get the best of you in such situations and be sure to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date and run a complete system scan if you accidentally open anything suspicious!

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