Revisiting the Western Sky…It’s STILL Expensive

money 150x150 Revisiting the Western Sky...Its STILL ExpensiveBack in August, when I first blogged about Western Sky Financial, whose ads feature Native Americans explaining that the loans offered by the company are “expensive,” but promise to get large amounts of money into your bank account overnight, I didn’t expect the response I’ve received. After about a hundred blog entries, I’m surprised to see that this single article has gained more responses than the other entries combined. Clearly, unsecured loans in general and Western Sky Financial in specific are hot buttons for blog readers. You can check out the entry by clicking here.

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Most comments question how something like this can be legal, a few question the limits of the loan agreement – particularly that any disputes would be handled by a Tribal Court, since the website states that the owner of Western Sky is a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. A few thanked me for doing the math for them.

Since there were so many comments to the blog, I thought it was time to revisit the Western Skies and address some of the more typical thoughts. Wait…that’s not quite true. I’ve played with the idea of tapping out a sequel article for a while, it was one comment that threw me over the edge. It showed up in this morning’s e-mail, and it was exceptionally brief. “I notice you don’t recommend any alternatives,” the reader sent. I e-mailed a reply directly, but it bares repeating to the full audience. If a writer was scribbling about what a bad idea suicide is — if that author’s intent was to point out that suicide is bad, that it ends discussions of future alternatives, that it affects more than just the victim, and that one needs to carefully consider one’s place in the universe before committing the act — that’s enough. I don’t think there’s an implicit obligation for that writer to explore whether it’s better to use a rope over a gun or pills over a razor. Same kind of discussion here. Just because I intend to demonstrate just how expensive Western Sky’s loans are doesn’t mean I owe you fifty other ways to commit financial suicide. Critically speaking, an alternative for those hard up for cash and considering a loan through Western Sky or any other online sub-prime unsecured lender might be sticking up a gas station or bank, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

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