Pain at the Pump: Gas Climbs to $5 per Gallon

gas pump3 150x150 Pain at the Pump: Gas Climbs to $5 per GallonGet ready for gas prices to shoot through the roof. Many Americans may begin to pay $5 per gallon, reports USA Today.

The surge in prices comes from not only rising prices in oil, but also lower refining capacity, tensions in the Middle East, and also the fact that spectators are driving up the price. The price of gas this February is up 42 cents from last year, with a record high of $3.65 per gallon.

On average, gas currently costs $4.20 in California, and $3.91 in New York. These prices are expected to keep climbing. A Washington state refinery that recently suffered damage from a fire could drive up prices in the region even higher this weekend.

In reaction to increased pain at the pump, consumers have begun to cutback on their gas purchases. Consumption fell 1.4 percent through February 17th, amounting to about 18 million barrels a day. This is the lowest since April 1997.

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