Maybe Those Nuisance RoboCalls Will Stop!

phone 150x150 Maybe Those Nuisance RoboCalls Will Stop!Millions of Americans, including me, receive a steady string of automated telephone calls from “Rachel at Cardholder Services,” who wants to “lower your credit card rates.”

“Rachel” calls not only our home telephone number, but also my cell phone number.  Anytime you press “1” to get a person (as the robocall instructs you to do), you are connected with someone who wants to ask questions about your credit cards.  As soon as you ask this person any question whatsoever — such as “What credit card company do you represent?” — the person immediately disconnects the call without answering the question.

There is every reason to believe that these robocalls come from criminals seeking only to obtain your credit card information in order to attempt to use that credit card in their criminal enterprise.

Finally!!!!  The Federal Trade Commission announced an enforcement action on February 24, 2012 that may curtail these bothersome and malicious calls.


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Charlie Mattingly has served since 1996 as President/CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Louisvile, Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky. Prior to his BBB career, Charlie worked for 25 years on the staff of U. S. Representative Romano L. Mazzoli, where his final position was as Chief of Staff. He is an attorney and member of the Kentucky Bar Association and Louisville Bar Association.