It Could Cost You More Than You Think

Remote and TV It Could Cost You More Than You ThinkYou’ve heard the commercials on TV. For just $9.99 their product will make your life so easy you’ll feel as if you have a personal cleaning person coming to your house! We have all heard it before. “But wait. There’s more. If you call within the next five minutes we will throw in another item for no additional charge!”

They quickly say —- there will be a separate handling charge for each item. The company ships the products in the same box. Then, when you receive your credit card statement, you see a charge of $30 or $40 for the total costs of the products, shipping and handling. Getting the product ends up costing you more than you thought.

My dad always said, since running commercials is expensive, you can bet the company has a plan to make money to pay for the ads. They are not giving you a product just to make your life easier.

Before you order anything, make sure you know what the shipping and handling costs will be and the company’s return policy. Use a credit card, not a debit card, so you can dispute the charges if there is a problem. Also, check on the company with your Better Business Bureau.

Years ago our BBB dealt with a company that received numerous complaints from consumers about not receiving their Shirley Temple VHS tapes. Yes, VHS tapes. As I said, it was years ago.

If you have ordered the product(s) and are not happy with the results, contact the Better Business Bureau in the area where the company is located. In fairness to the company, you should contact them first. If you are still unhappy after contacting them, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

What experiences have you had ordering from infomercials?

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Carol J. Odell, is the CEO of the Better Business of Southern Colorado and has been with the BBB for twenty years. Even before her BBB life she was involved in the community as a volunteer and co-owner of a manufacturing business. She is a published author, speaker, wife, mother, and grandmother --- and enjoys all of these roles.