Flim-flam Thin Mints: A Girl Scout Cookie Scam

census worker 150x150 Flim flam Thin Mints: A Girl Scout Cookie ScamGarfield the cartoon cat is no longer the only rascal attempting to mug the Girl Scouts. Local news in the Pacific Northwest and also in Texas reports that scammers are now “selling” Thin Mints and other Girl Scout cookies. The catch? You’re asked to pay upfront. Instead of cookies disappearing down Garfield’s greedy gullet, your money will disappear into a scammer’s pocket.

If someone knocks on your door, and you are not sure whether or not they are really affiliated with the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (the organization’s official name), you can contact your local troop leaders to find out when the girls will be coming around. (For example, the cookie program in Wyoming and Montana will not even begin until February 11.)

According to Stella Davis in the Carlsbad Current-Argus,

  • Local girls who participate in the cookie program will have the official order form with them.
  • The girls will be wearing a Girl Scout sash, vest, identifying T-shirt or membership pin.
  • Each girl should be accompanied by an adult – adults are not authorized to take orders door-to-door without a Girl Scout present.
  • Girls and parents do not ask for payment up front. All money is collected when cookies are delivered to the customer.

Like the Better Business Bureau, the Girl Scouts will celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. For more information please visit the Girl Scouts webpage.

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