Weight Loss Miracle Promotions

pills 300x199 Weight Loss Miracle PromotionsLike clockwork, the New Year brings with it a deluge of advertisements promising weight loss miracles, amazing breakthroughs and the exact product you need to lose those holiday pounds.  We see them all every year.

The trouble is, these products rarely—if ever—deliver on these promises.

The phenomenon of the “weight loss miracle” products probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, either.  With the obesity rate in the United States approaching 34% (according to the CDC), it’s no wonder that businesses see an ever- growing market for their products.  And they’re right.

Supplements, weight loss plans, books, fad diets—there’s an almost endless list of products and services available to those who are looking to lose weight.  Typing “weight loss” into Google brings back hundreds of millions of results.  But what works and what doesn’t?

Unfortunately, there is no “Magic pill” that makes fat melt away.  There isn’t a miracle breakthrough that provides fast results.  There isn’t a product out there that will give you that flat stomach by rubbing a topical compound on your belly.  The only sure way to fit into those tiny pants hanging in the closet?   Hard work.

BBB advises consumers to take the following into account when they’re planning to lose weight, join a gym, or buy into a weight loss program:

  • Before buying any product that makes weight loss claims or commit to a program, consult your physician, qualified nutritionist, local health department, or FDA.
  • Be leery of any diet that provides fewer than 800 calories a day and promises weight loss greater than 2 pounds per week.
  • Significant weight loss should not be undertaken without competent medical supervision.
  • Diets should be nutritionally well balanced with a variety of foods, including dairy products, meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and grains.
  • Any diet pills or other weight loss product is at best, only a temporary or partial measure; long-term weight loss requires permanent changes in eating habits.

If you come across a weight loss product or plan you think might be suspect, get in touch—we’d love to hear from you.

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