Coors Light Claims Budweiser’s Spot as America’s #2 Beer

Coors Light 150x150 Coors Light Claims Budweisers Spot as America’s #2 Beer This week saw a major shakeup in the world of beer. After years in the nation’s number two spot, Budweiser sales didn’t fare well in the 2011. The beer was overtaken by Coors Light as United States’ second-best selling brew, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Now in third place, Budweiser is still the only non-light beer option in the top five. Bud Light tops the list by a sizable margin. Miller Lite is fourth, and Natural Light finishes out the list.

“Dethroning the King is a great accomplishment so early in the history of MillerCoors,” a MillerCoors spokesman wrote in an email.

Read the full Tribune article here.

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