Be Ready for the Snow, I hear it’s coming

snow plow 300x190 Be Ready for the Snow, I hear it’s comingIt’s the buzz around the water cooler, I’ve heard that the grocery stores have been packed and I think my kids will be wearing their pajamas inside out and backward to sleep tonight. Yes it seems that we might finally be in store for some snow.  I don’t think it’s supposed to be too serious, but just in case we do get dumped on, BBB offers these tips for choosing a snow removal service:

Choose a Reputable Business – Check their reputation out at or by phone at (513) 421-3015. You can get a list of BBB Accredited Businesses that offer snow removal by using our online directory.

Get Written Estimates – Don’t just pick the first business that leaves a flyer at your door.  Compare the services offered by several businesses as well as the prices – the lowest price is not always the best deal.  Ask what back up plan the business has if a truck breaks down during a heavy snowfall. Get customer references and call them to see if the business was reliable.

Get a Written Contract – When you’ve selected a business, be sure your contract includes the company’s address and, preferably, two telephone numbers to reach them.  The contract should define the length of the service. It should be more specific than just “winter”. Beginning and ending dates should be clearly stated. Some contracts may be for a certain number of snow removals or “pushes”.  The contract should also specify when removal will occur (e.g. accumulations of 2 inches or more).  Find out what happens if we get a late season snowfall after your contract has ended – what will you be charged for additional pushes?

Insurance – Is the business fully insured in case of damage to property? Be sure to get it in writing on your contract.

Spring Clean up – Don’t assume the business will return in the spring to repair any damage to your lawn or other property – get it in writing.

Payment Terms – If you pay the full price of the contract and the plowing service doesn’t show, you’ll be out of luck.  Check to see if you can pay monthly, by the “push” or other terms. 

Remember to put stakes or other markers around the boundaries of your driveway to minimize damage to your yard or landscape decorations.

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