Three Steps to Fundraising Success

money1 300x225 Three Steps to Fundraising SuccessOur Customers Report on What Works for Fundraisers

This year, got a little closer to our customers by interviewing them to figure out what makes their raffles, fundraisers, prize draws, and charity events a success. We learned about three elements of great fundraisers.

1.     An enthusiastic community gathering for a good cause

This one may be the hardest for beginners, but any cause benefits from a strong community.

In Farley Hill, UK, the closing of the village’s only pub inspired the formation of a Village Society to maintain the local Victory Hall. This tight-knit community can always count on raising money for a cause that keeps them all together.

In Scotland, a group of like-minded individuals came together to maintain a local landmark: Braemar Castle. The pride of their community; the historical-preservation group has learned that it’s easy for them to sell raffle tickets for their popular cause.

2.     Desirable prizes or events in exchange for donations

Some supporters will donate without expectation, but to earn more money, you’ll want to invest back in your donors. This means either creating a fun event, or offering desirable prizes for raffle, giveaway, or sale.

In Robesonia, PA, the CW Athletic Booster Club has learned that they can assure themselves of successful fundraising efforts twice a year by offering the public what they want. In their case the public wants barbecued chicken. It’s wildly popular, and organizers know that they can always raise money selling it.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Businessman’s Boxing raises money for charity by offering a spectacle for guests: their favorite businessmen punching each other.

3.     Simplicity and ease of contributing to the cause

Find a way to let your donors know about the event, and then make it easy for them to give or to purchase event and raffle tickets. This means using multiple communication techniques. Word-of-mouth is important, as are Internet campaigns and traditional advertising. Then, make sure people know when and where tickets are available. Online sites make it simple for them to give, as do face-to-face appeals.

The Healing through Sports Foundation in California, for instance, recommends selling tickets through email, online, and in person. Sarah and Matthew Brown, in the UK, turned their wedding into a hospital fundraising event by selling raffle tickets at their own reception. They sent two little girls from table to table, making it simple for guests to choose to donate (and difficult for them to say no).


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