The Worst Fees of 2011

money11 150x150 The Worst Fees of 2011

It was year of fees, reports MSN’s Money Matters. As businesses scrambled to make up lost revenue, they tacked on charges for everything from paying a bill (online and offline) to printing out your concert tickets at home. With so many fees frustrating consumers in 2011, narrowing down the list was a daunting task, writes Liz Weston. But here are her top five stupidest fees of the year: 

Debit card fees: After Congress limited how much banks could charge merchants for each debit card transaction, banks started making customers pay instead. Fortunately, the backlash was “immediate and fierce.” Banks that had begun charging monthly $4 and $5 fees, quickly pulled the programs. 

Boarding pass fees: First, airlines started charging for checked baggage and onboard meals. But this year, Spirit Airlines, which markets itself as a low cost airline, out did the fee-crazy industry by charging a $5 fee for having your boarding pass printed out at the airport counter, rather than a kiosk or on your home computer.  

Early-termination fees for TV service: Be sure to read the fine print when you sign up for new a television service. Pay TV providers, such a Verizon Fios and DirecTV, are taking a pay from cellphone carriers and hitting consumers with high charges (from $200 up) for early termination of services.

See the full article and the rest of MSN’s list here.

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