Protect Your Mail… says Carol

Mailboxes Protect Your Mail... says CarolWith the mail picking up for the holiday season it’s a good time to focus on mail theft.

The Colorado Springs Police Department sent out a Community Alert about mail theft that is worth repeating. Here it is.

Mail fraud can mean anything from non-delivery of mail-order merchandise to mail actually being stolen. Not only do criminals steal packages containing presents and cards filled with money or checks but personal information in your mail can be used by criminals to steal your identity.

Preventing Mail Theft:

  • Do not leave outgoing mail in your unlocked mailbox.
  • Deposit mail in a collection box or inside your local post office.
  • Promptly pick up your incoming mail after it is delivered.
  • Arrange for the installation of locked group mailboxes for neighborhood delivery. These are Neighborhood Deliver & Collection Box Units (NDCBU). Each address has an individual locked unit for delivery and collection. At least seven neighbors are needed to sign a petition requesting an NDCBU.
  • Install a locked mailbox or convert your unlocked box to the lockable type.
  • Have mail delivered to a Post Office Box or Personal Mail Delivery Service.
  • Use Direct Deposit and Electronic Banking to avoid checks in your mail.
  • Contact the senders if you don’t receive credit cards, checks or other valuable mail.
  • When out of town have the post office hold your mail or have someone your trust pick up the mail daily.
  • Be observant of and report suspicious activities on your street, including those near your letter carrier, the postal vehicle, residential mailboxes, and collection boxes.
  • Notify the post office and people who will be sending you mail that you have a change of address.
  • To stop receiving pre-approved credit and insurance offers call: 18885OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) or visit:

May your holidays be safe and special.

Do you have any other mail safety tips?

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