Don’t Get Taken Because You Love Your Husband on Facebook

facebook 150x150 Dont Get Taken Because You Love Your Husband on FacebookI Love My Husband. I Really Love My Husband. I Love My Facebook Husband. There are all kinds of interesting groups on FB these days. And when I went onto my page today to post photos from an “Ugly Christmas Sweator” party, the ad below came up as “news.” Only it had a cute profile pic of a man and a woman walking down the beach holding hands. 

I Love My Husband
Wanted – 31 Work From Home Positions Available – $17/hr to $49/hr, FT or PT – Learn more, here –
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Wait just a minute here. First of all, the hourly rates seem a bit inflated. I clicked the link and was directed to a page that looked like a piece of investigative journalism but is actually an advertisement. 

The ad promises big earnings for very little effort, with no skills or training required. And, it uses the name Kelly Richards. Red flags all around.

I went to the 800 Notes website, which I trust, and found the following post:

“Just to get this out there:  There is a page on Facebook titled ‘I Love My Husband’.  After posting about 5 silly surveys (click ‘Like’ if…) they started posting links to two scam sites:  a Channel7 work-from-home scam (pay for a ‘kit’ and then they hit your credit card for automated fine-print charges of $80 or so every month); and a ‘free’ Starbucks card scam (enter lots of personal info and your cell number to get your PIN for the card, end up getting charged $9.95/month and signed up for text message spam.)”

That’s about what I figured. Why? Because you’re not going to make $6,000 to $8,000 per month working 10-15 hours a week from home as “Kelly” claims. To give you an idea, I work 10 hours per week from home for one writing client which pays $150 a week before taxes (and it takes skills to do it). Mystery shopping pays between $10 to $12 per hour and even then you have to leave the house. I sometimes get online work online for a legal focus group giving feedback on mock trials. This nets me about $7 every couple of months. Get the picture?

So, if there really were a “tight lip secret” or even a “tight-lipped secret” to “beating the recession” (without having to work hard) everyone you know would either be doing it or talking about doing it.

Here is a warning on the website of what seems to be a legitimate I Love My Husband page:

“There are other pages on Face Book with the same name who SPAM and SCAM the people who like their page by adding adverts to gain personal information. We don’t do that here…”

This one is from a group called I Really Love My Husband:

“So, after recently getting blindsided by a page that was supposed to be for people who loved their husbands, and turned out to be a source of scam and spam postings, I thought I’d make a real page for this. Feel free to share stories about those wonderful men in our lives.”

Wives, (and everybody else) you’ve been warned. Make sure your outpouring of love for hubby isn’t going to get you scammed.

Oh, and Kelly Richards? While I’m sure there are real women with that name, Kelly Richards is a favorite with scammers. See what the Better Business Bureau serving the Louisville, Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky area had to say about the Kelly Richards scam back in 2010.

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