AAA Offers Free “Tipsy Tow” For New Year’s Eve

towtruck 150x150 AAA Offers Free Tipsy Tow For New Years EveLooking forward to that New Year’s Eve party? Me too. My spouse doesn’t drink, so I always have a designated driver. But what if you don’t?

I found out through a friend’s FB post that the American Automobile Association (AAA) is offering a service called Tipsy Tow from 6 p.m. on Saturday, December 31rst to 6 a.m. on Sunday, January 1. Up to a certain number of miles, they will drive your intoxicated self and your car home for free. You do not need to be a member.

So please, write this number down now and stick it in your wallet.

(800) 222-4357

That’s 800-AAA-HELP.

Call AAA in your state beforehand to find out the details of the service and how many miles are free—I found articles on the Internet varying from three to five to 10, depending on which state you live in.

Other helpful tips for New Year’s parties include the following:

• Ensure all your guests have a ride to and from your house in a car driven by a non-drinker

• Provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages

• Serve high-protein snacks to slow down alcohol absorption

• Stop serving alcohol at least one-and-a-half hours before the end of your party

• Provide guests with coffee and dessert

• Don’t be afraid to take someone’s keys away. Better yet, collect keys as people arrive at the party and only give them back if they are sober.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), drunk driving affects one out of every three Americans. To see where your state ranks in traffic fatalities caused by DUIs, click HERE.

Remember, it only takes a few seconds or a poor choice to change someone’s life forever. No matter how fine or how fun you feel in the moment, staying safe this holiday season is the best choice of all.

Thanks to Shanti Perez and Tom Schierman for the inspiration for this article.

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