Weigh In on Gym Membership Tips

WomanAtGym Weigh In on Gym Membership Tips One big holiday, Thanksgiving, down. Add two pounds. Christmas to go. Add three pounds. Obviously in January it’s going to be time to join a gym.

Not all gyms are good for the same people. Which one would be best for you?

Begin by checking their business reviews with the BBB. How long have they been in business? Do they have complaints? What happens if they get into financial trouble and are closed down? We recently had a Gold’s Gym franchise location close but the corporate office immediately opened it up again for their members.

Here are some other things to think about:

  • What are their hours? Can you go before or after work?
  • Is the location conducive to making it to the gym several times a week?
  • Do they have the equipment that meets your needs?
  • Do they have a reciprocal agreement with other gyms throughout the country? If you travel a great deal, you will want this.
  • Will they let you do a trial membership for a few days or a week before you sign the contract? Many gyms will give you a free trial. Some will even let you pay month-to-month at first to determine if the gym is right for you.
  • Are the bathrooms, showers and equipment clean?
  • Is the staff caring and helpful?
  • Do they have a trainer to help you?
  • What is the clientele like? Will it be an enjoyable experience for you to workout in the same facility with them? Some gyms consist of people serious about their time at the gym; others are there to get a date.
  • How busy is the gym? Are you going to have to wait to use the equipment?  Visit at a time you would be working out.
  • What if you become sick or injured? Will they freeze the membership?
  • What if you move? Can you get a refund or move your membership?
  • Of course, what are the membership fees, monthly dues and length of the contract? Take the shortest length of contract. Too many people end up not using the gym for one reason or another.

Have fun eating through the holidays and working those extra pounds off starting in January. Do you have any other gym tips?

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