Strategic Reflections Imposter Duping Consumers

money 300x204 Strategic Reflections Imposter Duping ConsumersBBB has been notified by Strategic Reflections, Inc. that unknown persons are posing as the business in a scheme to defraud the public. 

Strategic Reflections, Inc. is a market research, customer surveys and mystery shopping company that has been operating in the Cincinnati, OH area since 2006.  The business reports to BBB that consumers across the country were emailed a job offer to become a mystery shopper.  These emails seem to be coming from individuals using the names Scott Hiller, Marie Carr or Paul Rowlett.

The names the scammers use seem to vary, but the ploy is the same – Consumers are sent money orders and checks and are instructed as part of their job assignment to cash the items and to wire part of the funds through Western Union.  The money orders and checks are counterfeit.  Any consumer who cashes the money orders or checks and wires any of the funds may be responsible for the money lost in the transaction.  It is

Strategic Reflections, Inc. has notified the proper authorities.  However, the business has been unable to locate the persons conducting this check cashing scheme.  In the meantime, Strategic Reflections, Inc. asks any consumer who has received a money order or check from the company to contact Strategic Reflections before accepting any job assignments or wiring funds.  Strategic Reflections, Inc. stresses that any legitimate emails which offers job assignments will come from an email ending with

If you feel you have been a victim of this scam please contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center ( and also file a complaint with BBB.   You can also visit for information about how to protect yourself from check fraud.

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