How to Find Trustworthy Tree Service

Snow damage 300 150x139 How to Find Trustworthy Tree ServiceHeavy, wet snowstorms in Colorado and New England have taken a toll on deciduous trees and now communities big and small are dealing with an overabundance of broken limbs and trees that resemble peeled bananas.

Although homeowners and business owners are doing much of the cleanup, some trees require the services of professional arborists and tree-removal contractors to ensure cleanup is done safely and that further damage to trees is mitigated.

The BBB offers these tips in finding a trustworthy tree-removal service.

  • Ask friends, relatives and colleagues for references and check the BBB for a list of BBB Accredited contractors. You can also check out BBB Business Reviews for all those you are considering at
  • Ask if certified arborists, who have professional training and certifications, are on staff. An experienced arborist is particularly important on projects involving large trees or removal of substantial branches on established trees.
  • Confirm that the company is both licensed and insured. Ask if you may see a copy of its license or insurance policy, or obtain the respective license or policy numbers.
  • Request an onsite evaluation and cost estimate by a company’s representative.
  • Obtain a written cost estimate by the company, and execute a written and signed contract.
  • Pay by check or credit card only when the job is complete. Paying by credit card provides some recourse should the job not be completed as stated in the contract.

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