Holiday Layaway- Is it for you?

ipad 300x238 Holiday Layaway  Is it for you?With the holidays quickly approaching, consumers all have their eyes on the perfect gifts for their loved ones.  BBB has noticed that a number of large stores are beginning to more widely use layaway as an option for their customers. 

Layaway can be a great program for some consumers, provided they have a solid understanding of how the program works.  Some stores, for example, charge a layaway fee that’s sometimes as much as $10.  Additionally, if you fail to fully pay for your purchase, there’s typically a cancellation or restocking fee.  These are usually non-refundable.

If you’re looking into putting items on layaway for this holiday season, know that most plans allow for 5-12 week payment plans.  The earlier you start, the smaller your payments will be.  Provided you complete the plan, your layaway purchase will be easier to pay off. 

Before you agree to put your items in layaway, be sure to read the fine print and be aware of the terms and conditions of your layaway agreement. 

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