Do Black Friday Deals Live Up to Hype?

shopping 150x150 Do Black Friday Deals Live Up to Hype?A few short days and it will be everybody’s favorite holiday – Black Friday! It’s time to make your plan, gobble that turkey and head out to the stores. And wait in line. And wait. And wait.

Unlike years past, however, retailers are making it easier for you to get a jump on your holiday shopping. And to get in line earlier. Some stores will open at 9 and 10 p.m. And this means you’ll need to be out there oh, mid-afternoon if not way earlier to be among the first to get in the doors.

But wait. Are the deals really that much better than say, Saturday or Sunday or even a week or two later? Check out Smart Money’s 10 Things Stores Won’t Say About Black Friday and judge for yourself.

 How do you prepare for Black Friday?

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