Confused about Ohio Contractor Licensing?

air conditioner 150x150 Confused about Ohio Contractor Licensing?  BBB is often asked about licensing requirements for contractors in Ohio.  Many don’t realize that residential construction contractors do not necessarily need to be licensed in order to do business in Ohio.  We contacted the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board to understand who they license and what consumers can do if they have a complaint.  This is what we were told:

Ohio Residential Contractor License Requirements

The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB) licenses Commercial Contractors for the following trades: Electrical, HVAC, Hydronics, Plumbing, and Refrigeration.

Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board

6606 Tussing Road

Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

Phone: 614-644-3493

Fax: 614-728-1200

 The OCIILB does not license Residential Contractors nor do they license General Contractors.  Currently, there is no statewide license requirement for Residential Contractors.

What to do if you have a complaint

OCILB accepts complaints against licensed specialty contractors and unlicensed specialty contractors.  However, OCILB may not have authority over residential contractors.  If you have a complaint concerning workmanship and code compliance against a residential contractor you may be able to get assistance from your local Building Inspector.  The Local Building Inspection Department sometimes requires residential contractors to be licensed in your area, or may require them to obtain certain building permits. If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area, you can find your local Building Inspector here.  In areas without a local Building Inspection Department office, or for complaints regarding other issues, you can contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office (Consumer Protection Section) at 1-800-282-0515 for further assistance.

Don’t forget, BBB is also here to help.  We offer complaint resolution services free of charge.  Consumers can fill out a complaint quickly and easily online, and it can be done for all types of businesses. You can submit your complaint online here.

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about the Residential, General Contracting, or General Construction industry, BBB offers expert advice on a variety of home improvement topics.  Be sure to check out our resource library and sign up for our consumer newsletter, Dollars & Sense.  To read our review of a specific business, search BBB’s website to find the company’s BBB Business Review.

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