Celebrate with Coke this Xmas

soda 150x150 Celebrate with Coke this XmasOn emails like this I always wonder what the catch is! If I email Frank with the answer to who won the World Cup, what will happen. So, first I looked it up – Brazil won – so that would be D. I emailed Frank Morris (I’m sure that’s his real name ;-)) to let him know and see what would happen.

Here’s the original email:
From: B, Brian
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 1:22 PM
To: info@coke.org
Subject: CELEBRATE WITH COKE THIS XMAS BY EMAILING THE CORRECT ANSWER TO Mr. Frank Morris via email:(frank.morris@w.cn)

Win $500,000 in Coca Cola Company @West Africa new year promo.To qualify,Email the correct answer to the question given below to Mr. Frank Morris via email:(frank.morris@w.cn) Question: Who won the Under (20) 2011 FIFA World Cup in Columbia? (A)Portugal (B)Spain (C)France(D)Brazil.

While I was waiting for Frank to email me, I thought I’d check around and see what the scoop was out there in Google-land. There were a couple sites that talked about this email – all saying it was a scam. No one really knew what was up with it though.

Frank responded:

Coca Coca Company @West Africa
Regional Head Office
No. 1 Cola Cola Road, Wuse,
FCT, Abuja,
West Africa.


I wish to formally inform you that you have been selected for a cash prize of $500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) in the just concluded third phase draws of the Coca Cola Company @West Africa New year promo held in August 2011 at Nicon Hilton Hotel, FCT Abuja, West Africa. Your e-mail address emerged as one of Ten(10) winners from the 87,000 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies from Australia, New Zeal land, North America, South America, Europe, Canada and Africa who got the answer correctly. The winners were selected with the help of a computer ballot system monitor by some prominent members of the diplomatic corps from most parts of the World.

We are please to notify you that we have issued your Bank Draft value at $500,000 USD and your Winning Certificate. The Coca Cola Management has parceled your Bank Draft and your Winning Certificate for prompt delivery to you. You are hereby advice to contact our affiliated COURIER SERVICE via e-mail: interdeliveryservice@live.com with the address you want your parcel to be delivered, either your Home Address.

In all, you are advice to contact the Inter Delivery Service as soon as possible to avoid increase in your delivery fee because every 7 working days attract additional security keeping fee. And also they will instruct you on how you are to make the payment to there account officers Thus, For winners who wish to come to FCT Abuja, Coca Cola Company will not be responsible for expenses incurred in obtaining VISA for winners coming to FCT Abuja.

Further to this, winner must know that the money won is very huge and as such should try as much as possible to keep their wins strictly confidential until the said funds has been received. This is to avoid Taxation, impersonation or double claims which we have experienced in previous draws.

Congratulation for being a Winner in our commemorative Coca Cola Company @West Africa end of year promo.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Frank Morris
Tel : +234 816 669 5995
Regional Cash Officer
Coca Cola Company @West Africa

So, I’ve emailed the courier to get my money, interdeliveryservice@live.com. I’m sure it will arrive soon. I provided my name and address.

I’ll let you know what happens next! I bet they send me a check for some amount and I have to wire money to them. Or, they could ask that I wire money for the delivery fee first. We’ll see!

I guess this is where I learn patience . . .

The email to interdeliveryservice was returned – guess they’ve shutdown the email. Now we’ll never know!

Don’t try this at home with your own email, there’s no guarantee that you won’t receive hundreds of spam emails after you email someone like this or that a virus won’t be sent to you.

And, most important of all – don’t believe that you have won. Other than that, just laugh at those emails that you get like this and be glad you didn’t fall for it. I can guarantee someone out there did – I feel for them and hope that they don’t fall for something like it again!

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