Warning: StubHub Email Scam Making Way Around Internet

Many people have reported being hit by a scam email this morning, that appears to be from StubHub (it isn’t) and says it is charging your credit card a huge sum to pay for boxing tickets to a match in Nevada.

StubHub says this scam has been hitting them since 7 a.m. this morning. Anyone who has had a StubHub account (and even some who haven’t) may be at risk.

According to a StubHub, these are the precautions you should take:

  • If you receive the scam email, DON’T login. It may steal your passwords and then give thieves access to your StubHub account where valid credit card info may be stored.
  • Change your password if you have an account at StubHub – right away. Go directly to the StubHub site to do that, not through an email.
  • Send a copy of the scam email you receive to safety@stubhub.com so they can investigate.
This is what the email looks like:
stubhub 300x294 Warning: StubHub Email Scam Making Way Around Internet

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