Is Your Small Business Relevant on Google?

man on internet 300x199 Is Your Small Business Relevant on Google?The Cream Rises to the Top (Part Three of Three: Click here for Parts One and Two of this blog.)

Earlier I demonstrated how Google’s algorithm updates were beneficial to legitimate businesses selling products and services (rather than advertisements and lead generation) and why continual upgrades, meant to improve the consumer experience, benefited and empowered the small business owner, as well as Google and the consumer. Increased relevancy in search results brings customers to you.

 Google wants you and your customers to be happy. Smarter searches are good for Google.

 You can help Google along, of course. You probably already know ways in which you can demonstrate the relevancy of your site: logical product pages with unique product descriptions, intelligent site organization with meaningful site maps, useful feeder blogs and social networks with interesting, customer-focused content.

One thing that I’ve been fortunate to accomplish is to successfully brand It is not enough to think of your search results in terms of simple keyword ranking. Your business is more than a group of keywords. Brand creation adds an extra level of trust for consumers as well as search engines. An established and recognizable brand adds the shine of legitimacy to your business.

Acting like a brand has helped us survive and thrive through algorithm and Google policy changes that have decimated other companies. While sales are important to us, there are no sales without customers. That’s why we respond immediately to customer concerns; I personally answer every disgruntled email and do my best to make the situation right. We reach out to customers and provide them with information uniquely suited to their concerns. We position ourselves not merely as a service: a true brand follows through. 

A brand delivers. A brand lives up to expectations. A brand can be counted on to provide exactly what they’ve promised.

Branding is far more than a recognizable logo and a snappy slogan. That logo and slogan must stand for something.

When I promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed, I mean it. That’s why I respond to complaints, even on weekends and holidays, and offer reprints or, when unavoidable, refunds. That’s why I personally interview all of my customer service specialists and hire only those with the ability to respond calmly in the face of unhappiness. Just because we’re online doesn’t mean we shouldn’t offer a friendly face! is known for high-quality design, printing, fast delivery, friendly service, and guaranteed satisfaction, creating a customer-driven experience which will help us weather any changes in the future of search.

What’s your brand known for?

Click here for Parts One and Two of this blog.


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