Spot a Scam? Report it!

spot a scam 300x181 Spot a Scam?  Report it! 

Have ever spotted a scam and want to make sure no one else falls for it?  Well, BBB has made it easy for you to do.  To report a scam to BBB all you have to do is fill out a simple online form available on our website.  We’ll ask you to describe the scam, where you heard about it and what they are asking you to do.  There is even a way for you to send us any emails or screenshots – which can be extremely helpful to a BBB Investigator like me.


We pay extra close attentionto any scams where folks stand to lose a lot of money, or scams that target a specific group of people, like senior citizens or children.  We use the information you send us on our website, and although we may pass on what you say, rest assured that no personal identifying information about you will be used.  We compile the details you give to us, analyze the information and share the crucial data with other BBB offices and members of the community. 


Sometimes, if the scam is downright heinous, we like to tell our news media friends about it.  Our partners in the news industry have the resources to get the word out quickly about a scam, and to a much broader audience.  When you report a scam to BBB, there is a way to tell us if you’re willing to be interviewed by the news media or not.   Although it’s not necessary, we hope you will consider doing so.  People seem to pay more attention when real people are telling the story.


Now that it’s so easy and convenient to tell us about a scam, we hope you will lend a hand.  BBB can’t do it alone.  We need your eyes, your ears and most importantly, your voice!  If you are tired of sitting idly by and want to do something, anything, to keep a scam from hurting your family, your friends and your local community, report the scam.  You’ll be glad you did. 



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