Now’s the Time to Find Eye-Popping Fast-Food Deals

pizza large 150x150 Nows the Time to Find Eye Popping Fast Food DealsWith the economy still in rough shape and 20% of 18-24 year-old consumers (target for fast-food chains) out of a job, fast-food chains are launching some amazing deals.

A few highlights from USA Today:

  • $10 pizzas – Pizza Hut just re-introduced its $10 any pizza deal.
  • $7.99 pizzas – Domino’s launched its Artisan, 3-topping pizza for $7.99.
  • $6.00 meals for 2 – Burger King is offering 2 Whoppers, 2 small fries and 2 small soft drinks.
  • $5 subs – Subway will bring back its $5 deal on any foot-long sub on Oct. 1
  • $5 meals – Dairy Queen launched a $5 meal that includes a GrillBurger with cheese, fries, medium drink and a Mini Blizzard.
  • $.99 sandwich – Taco Bell just introduced its 99-cent Chicken Flatbread sandwich.

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