How to Avoid Buying a Flood Damaged Car

flood 150x150 How to Avoid Buying a Flood Damaged CarLike with any natural disaster, scammers are beginning to take advantage of the damages caused by Hurricane Irene. Before buying a used car, make sure the vehicle has not been damaged by flood waters by following these tips from CBS Money Watch.

Flooding can be very damaging to a car’s mechanical systems. However, once it has been cleaned, cars often do not appear to show any remnants of the damage. Used cars salesmen often take advantage of this by shipping reconditioned vehicles to other states to be sold to unsuspecting buyers. To avoid purchasing one of these cars, follow these tips:

Verify government sources like the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. This website has information from all states regarding vehicles that have been deemed a total loss.

Look up commercial vehicle history using services such as CarFax or AutoCheck. These databases contain information from insurers, police departments, etc. on accidents and disasters. If buying from a car dealership, these details can be obtained from the salesmen.

Check the vehicle yourself by looking for obvious physical damages. Some signs of flooding include wet or moldy carpeting, water lines on headlights, rusty screws, and leftover mud or debris.

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