Have We Found the Cure?

breastcancer 150x150 Have We Found the Cure?I was working in a Spokane bookstore a few years ago when a well-dressed man wandered in. Somehow the topic of my diabetes came up. He then handed me a free copy of Dr. Hulda Clark’s The Cure For All Diseases. Dr. Clark had a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, he said.

A CURE? I wanted to call the American Diabetes Association and tell them to stop fundraising. But first, I dipped into the book. It told me that diabetes is caused by “parasites, toxins, and pollutants,” and that an intestinal fluke had probably invaded my pancreas. I could cure myself by killing the parasites and ridding my body of environmental chemicals.

Since I believe that 1) environmental chemicals can make people sick and 2) my GP tells me the latest theory on atypical diabetes like mine is that it’s “linked to environmental factors” and 3) The American Medical Association is too close-minded about “alternative” medicine, I was ready to learn more.

If I recall correctly, the book urged me to perform an exhaustive regimen of lifestyle change, including: Removing all metal fillings from my mouth, eating off plastic utensils only, dosing myself with high amounts of herbal solutions, using an electronic “Zapper” device, and so forth.

But, then I learned some additional information.

Clark’s The Cure For All Cancers claims that “All cancers are…caused by a parasite. A single parasite! And if you kill this parasite, the cancer stops immediately. The tissue becomes normal again.” She also says “This method is 100% effective in stopping cancer regardless of the type of cancer of how terminal it may be. It follows that this method must work for you, too, if you are able to carry out the instructions.”

Did you pick up on that disclaimer? The problem is that Dr. Clark herself died in 2009…from bone marrow cancer. If she wasn’t able to carry out the instructions and cure herself, how could anybody?

In an article on Quackwatch, Dr. Stephen Barrett, M.D., recounts the evidence against Dr. Clark.  According to Dr. Barrett:

  • Dr. Clark received her N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy) from a non-accredited correspondence school
  • the human intestinal fluke Dr. Clark pinpoints is actually “found in Asiaand the Indian subcontinent…” according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. “It is not a problem in the U.S.or other developed countries,” they say.
  • The President of the American Society of Parasitologists noted that if Clark’s…claims are correct, “the medical establishment and…professional pathologists are guilty of a gigantic and cruel fraud on the public.”
  • In some case studies, Dr. Clark counted patients as cured even though she noted that they died within a few weeks after she treated them.
  • Dr Clark faced lawsuits from patients whose disease was allegedly not cured and…
  • The Federal Trade Commission has sued Dr. Clark and other organizations/people attempting to market her products.

However, her books are still available to purchase on the Internet. And, www.drclark.net is full of testimonials from people who say their disease (or that of a family member) has been cured. Now, I didn’t try Clark’s remedy. It seemed like too much work to me.

But look, I know that there are occurrences medical doctors can’t explain. I believe that a healthy lifestyle is better than taking drugs, if you can avoid it. I also believe if I stopped taking insulin, I would probably die.

I am most skeptical of the statement, “This method is 100% effective in stopping cancer regardless of the type of cancer of how terminal it may be.” Because if a cure this powerful existed, hearing about it wouldn’t be limited to Dr. Clark’s supporters. It would be everywhere.

Wouldn’t you think?

The views expressed in this article are solely my own, and not the opinions of the Better Business Bureau. What’s your opinion?

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