Google Launches New Flight Search Feature

plane travel large 150x150 Google Launches New Flight Search FeatureGoogle can now add “travel agent” to its list of services with the release of its new flight search, reports The New York Times.

Competing with other travel search engines like Orbitz, Kayak and Microsoft’s Bing, Google takes directs users to the airlines’ websites for purchase. The search is unique in that it features a more open-ended search, for example “beaches in December for less than $300.”

The version released on Tuesday does not offer the full capabilities of the future search engine. For the time being, it shows results for economy round-trip flights in select cities. Eventually, Google will allow users to see options from multiple airlines, which can then be sorted by flight duration, departure and arrival, route, airline, price, etc. Google will also compare the prices of flights over time and offer a graph for people to sort flights visually.

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