Businesses that Delay in Responding to Complaints

complaint 150x150 Businesses that Delay in Responding to ComplaintsMarketplace Resource Consultants deal with dozens of complaints every day.  BBB’s role in the complaint process is to assist consumers and businesses in resolving disputes.   It’s concerning, not only to consumers but also to BBB, when businesses don’t respond to our letters, e-mails, and phone calls from us.  It is even more alarming when we don’t hear from a BBB Accredited Business.  Part of BBB Code of Business Practices (BBB Accredited Business Standards) is to:

6.  Be Responsive
Address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in
good faith.
An accredited business or organization agrees to:
A. Promptly respond to all complaints forwarded by BBB by:
    1. Resolving the complaint directly with the complainant and
notifying BBB, or
    2. Providing BBB with a response that BBB determines:

  • is professional,
  • addresses all of the issues raised by the complainant,
  • includes appropriate evidence and documents supporting the business’ position, and
  • explains why any relief sought by the complainant cannot or should not be granted.

We understand that workload issues, personnel turnover, vacations, and everyday stresses can make it difficult to research a problem or write a letter.  Please remember that you can call, e-mail or fax the BBB and let us know that an answer is “in process” and you can send in your response addressing the issues in dispute once the matter has been researched and/or resolved.  This will ease your customer’s concerns as well as sustain your BBB Accreditation.

Remember – we’re here to help you and your customer resolve any concerns.


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