Apps Aid in Reducing Gas Costs

gas pump3 150x150 Apps Aid in Reducing Gas CostsHave you ever wished you had an app to help you find ways to increase your gas mileage? CNN Money Watch recently reviewed three different apps helping consumers find ways to save money at the pump.

MyMPG: This app alerts users when they are driving too aggressively, which often causes a spike in gas usage. Users simply position their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in their car and listen for an alarm that senses hard braking or fast accelerations.

Accufuel: For those who want to keep records of their car’s performance, this is the app for you. Accufuel stores information for multiple vehicles like their EPA mileage ratings (including original ones for newer cars). After users have filled their gas tank twice, the app will calculate the current MPG, and any progress made. This app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android users.

Car Care: Like Accufuel, Car Care records mileage, but also has a feature where users can set reminders for things like oil changes based on mileage or time. Information previously stored on programs such as Excel can also be downloaded onto the app.Currently, Car Care is available for iPhone.

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