Online Safety for Children and Teens

children online1 150x150 Online Safety for Children and TeensWe now live in an age where almost everything is digital.  People are blogging, Facebooking, tweeting, texting, and everything else in between.  But where do children fall into this?  Do you know how safe your child is online?  Have you talked to them about safe social networking?  Your BBB offers the following tips to help ensure the safety of your children online.

  • Set privacy options – Don’t let your children’s profiles be accessible to everyone.  Make sure they understand it’s important to have the highest privacy settings.
  • Explain to your children that you can’t take things back – Just because you delete something doesn’t mean that it’s not still floating around in cyberspace.  It’s important that children and teens know that once you press the “send” button there is no going back.
  • Know who is looking at your profile - Will an employer, teacher, coach, friend, etc. be looking at your profile?  Make sure to explain that there may be consequences for pictures or posts.
  • Don’t “friend” everyone – Unfortunately there are dangerous people that may be creeping online.  Explain to your children that if you don’t know someone, don’t “friend” them.
  • Don’t divulge too much information – Explain that your child should never give out too much information online, including social security numbers, phone numbers, or home addresses.  Know that some people may be using social networking sites to find their next identity theft victim.

For more information regarding safe social networking, visit or read the Federal Trade Commission’s new publication, “Living Life Online”.

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