Ohio Department of Commerce Warns of Unclaimed Funds Email Scam

The Ohio Department of Commerce has issued a warning to consumers about an e-mail scam telling the recipient that they have international unclaimed funds worth millions in cash.

The e-mail fraudently says it is from an unclaimed funds official and implies that an FBI agent vetted the matter.  It tries to sound official and that the recipient doesn’t have to pay to obtain the funds.  If an e-mail recipient responds, they are directed to contact an overseas attorney.

The Division of Unclaimed Funds would not direct a claims recipient to a private third party, charge fees to claim funds, or request bank account information.  The Division would be able to provide information on who reported the funds and be able to assist in the claims process

Consumers can search for unclaimed funds at the Division’s website.  Individuals without Internet access can write to the Division with the names to be checked and the Ohio counties in which the individual(s) have lived.  The Division’s address is:

Ohio Department of Commerce

Division of Unclaimed Funds

77 South High Street, 20th Floor

Columbus, OH  43215

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