Magazine Subscription Saga says Carol

Girl With Wagon Magazine Subscription Saga says CarolScams in the sales of magazine subscriptions are always prevalent. In fact, there is one right now involving a company called Western Renewal Service. The magazine subscription company alleges to be located in Albuquerque, New Mexico; however, their activity is creeping into Colorado.

Consumers report they are receiving calls from the company saying they have signed up for a magazine subscription when they haven’t. BBBs are hearing that Western Renewal Services uses several scenarios when speaking to consumers. The goal is always the same — to get your personal information and a verbal authorization to charge your credit card. They negotiate with consumers to establish a monthly fee – ranging from $39.90 to $49.50. If you say “yes,” you could end up paying about $1,500 over 30 months.

If you get a call from Western Renewal Service and they say they have your credit card information, let your credit card company know your card has been compromised. Of course, you know not to give any personal information.

The most common magazine subscription scams happen door-to-door. If it were me, I wouldn’t give a check for a subscription to anyone I do not know who comes to my door. The BBB hears the stories from consumers about giving a check and never receiving the subscription.

One ploy to get you to buy is to have a child come to your door and say they are raising funds for school or other heart-tugging cares. Usually, they won’t give a receipt so you don’t know who you are dealing with.

Other times, they take your check with all your personal information and use it for theft purposes.

You may be told you have so many days to rescind the agreement. The problem is your don’t receive the confirmation of the transaction until it is too late to cancel the agreement.

Do business with someone you know. If you want a subscription, go directly to that publishing company. Side-step the ongoing magazine subscription con saga.

Do you have any magazine subscription tips?

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