Hurricane Safety Tips

hurricane large 150x150 Hurricane Safety TipsBeing prepared is the most important advice pertaining to any natural disaster.  While the East coast awaits for Hurricane Irene, it is crucial to adhere to the following safety tips, provided by The Travel Channel:

Before the Hurricane:

  • Create an evacuation plan with your family
  • Learn the location of emergency shelters
  • Create a “Point-of-Contact” friend/family to contact in case of separation
  • Secure your home: store lightweight objects, anchor or bring outdoor objects inside, remove any damaged limbs from nearby trees
  • Store canned foods, bottled water, first-aid supplies, battery operated radios, and flashlights in a convenient location

During the Hurricane:

  • Keep track of the storm by listening to the radio, follow authority orders if evacuation is mandated
  • Stay indoors at all times with all doors and windows closed
  • Stay away from any windows, if necessary, take shelter in a closet.

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