HP Slashes TouchPad Price to $99

touchpad4 150x150 HP Slashes TouchPad Price to $99Over the weekend, HP slashed prices on its TouchPads to $99 and $149 depending on storage. The fire sale caused retailers to sellout in minutes after HP directed the markdown.

In case you haven’t heard, HP wants to get out of the consumer business and focus only on businesses. What that means is it’s getting out of the tablet business (the TouchPad was only on the market about 7 weeks) and trying to sell its PC leg. It just shows what marking down a tablet 75% will do … drive people everywhere to try to snatch one up. I stopped at a Best Buy who said they sold out within 10 minutes. Then I stopped at an Office Depot to learn they had a line of consumers earlier that morning waiting for the store to open. Thought I’d try my luck at Costco only to hear the clerk tell me I was the 80th person that day to ask if they had any in stock. The local Best Buy in Washington, DC actually changed their greeting message when you call to say: “if you’re calling about the HP TouchPad we are sold out.”

Where you able to land one and if so, where’d you find it?



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