Household Goods Complaints says Carol

Living Room Chair Household Goods Complaints says CarolOur daughter recently moved to California. She and her husband bought some new furniture to go in their new house. After waiting at least six weeks to receive their new living room furniture, they were excited to have nice furniture.

Our daughter gave the living room chair a little scoot across their tile floor. The leg fell off the chair.

Not to worry. A call to the company should fix this obvious defect. Not really. She called the company and they said she should not have scooted the chair. How many times have you pushed your furniture? Did the leg fall off? I doubt it.

Needless to say, this company now had an upset customer. She had a broken chair that the company wouldn’t fix or replace — at least not without a hefty charge.

After thinking about the situation for a day or two, our daughter had another idea. She called the manager of the furniture store again and asked him how many staples should be in the wood to attach the leg. When he said about four or so, she told him this one had at least sixteen large staples in the leg of the chair. The manager now understood that the leg was defective. It had splintered because of all the staples. The chair was replaced.

Our daughter is not alone. Household goods problems rank number seven in top consumer complaints in the top 10 listing reported by Austen Sherman at

What precautions should you take when buying or having household goods repaired?

  • Make sure you are working with a good company. Check with the BBB. If you are working with a good company, don’t give up on them. Help them to completely understand the problem.
  • Talk with the manager of the company. If that doesn’t work, talk with the manufacturer of the product. Stay calm and logical.
  • Keep all receipts so you have a record of when you bought an item or had it repaired. Note the length of the warranty.
  • When you buy a household product, many times it will say you have to return the product to the manufacturer if there is a problem. Save the manufacturer’s address with the receipt of purchase.

What are some good or bad household goods experiences you have had?

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