Good News

shopping 150x150 Good NewsGloomy forecasts about the economy. Stories of natural disasters. Reports of crime and the dark side of human nature. Do you ever get sick of news like that?

Here is some good news: People are out there doing ethical business and treating each other decently. And the BBB is here to tell you about it!

Since the BBB serving Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Montana started allowing customer reviews on our website, we have received mostly positive feedback from people about our BBB Accredited Businesses.

These are companies that promise to transact business in an ethical manner. They sign a contract with us that they will:

Protect your privacy. Tell the truth. Advertise honestly. Honor their promises. Be responsive. Be transparent. Embody integrity. Etc.

In fact, 70% of customers who comment on our page have given the BBB ABs positive reviews.

So, before you make a major purchase or buy online, check out the company at And, if a company does right by you, let us know!

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About Holly Doering

Holly Doering has worked for the Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Montana for half a decade. Her areas of expertise include the CORE Values Program (Character, Optimism, Respect, Ethics) for Teens and Charity Review as well as writing and editing. Prior to that, she has written for two newspapers, a local magazine, and taught English at the community college. She is the proud author of a short story in ZYZZYVA literary magazine and has had good luck publishing lots of poetry. Each year she rolls up her sleeves and wades into the autumn Nanowrimo writing madness and has several unfinished novels to her credit.