To Cyberslack or Not says Carol

WomanOnComputer To Cyberslack or Not says CarolWhat do you think about cyberslacking? Are you saying, “Explain it and then I’ll give you an answer.”

Okay. Cyberslacking is using a company’s Internet connection during working hours for activities which are not work related.

I recently heard Trevor Dierdorff, CEO and owner of Amnet, talk about cyberslacking at a business association meeting. He presented some interesting statistics you need to know about being on the Internet at work for non-work-related reasons.

Here are some of those statistics:  American businesses lose an estimated 40 percent productivity each year due to non-work-related PC activity, according to IT research firm Gartner. Couple that with 37 percent of workers who say they surf the Web constantly at work, according to a report by International Data Corp (IDC).

Trevor also reported results of a survey conducted by America Online and  

  • 45 percent of employees cited personal Internet use as their number one distraction at work.
  • The cost of Internet surfing during the workday to be approximately $750 billion in lost wages.

It wasn’t surprising to hear that 60% of all online purchases are made during working hours. Our BBB statistics show that most BBB Business Reviews are read during the work day.

What is harder to believe is that 70 percent of all web traffic to pornographic sites occurs between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. according to More specifically, 20.6 million Americans also visited an adult site from a work computer last month an average of 8.1 times.

How much cyberslacking, if any, should an employer allow? It’s not hard to decide that any porn watching during work hours is grounds for termination. But, what about shopping online, playing games, or being on your personal Facebook page?

Without a doubt, cyberslacking has become part of our culture when there is a website called Check out my blog next week and I’ll discuss what employers think about cyberslacking and what can be done about it.

How much cyberslacking have you done?

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