The Top 10 Online Scams

1 150x150 The Top 10 Online ScamsThe world has never been without a good old-fashioned scam: the infamous, corrupt salesman, the oh-so-concerned mechanic – these are the people who should be winning the Oscar. Now that we have fought our way to the age of technological genius, scams have found a nice comfy home on the Internet and in places disguised as humanitarian safe havens that will put your life back on track.

We’ve recently developed a humorous, but sad infographic in association with NowSourcing that makes you aware of some of the most common scams still affecting our lives today. While many of us have come to terms with the fact that the pop-up that swears we just won a million dollars is a lie, others have not jumped on the bandwagon.

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top online scams The Top 10 Online Scams

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