Supermarket Self-Checkouts Are Changing

shopping cart 150x150 Supermarket Self Checkouts Are Changing

Changes may be coming to a grocery store near you — there may be fewer self-checkout lanes in the future. The Dallas Morning News reports that Albertsons LLC, is removing the self-checkout lanes in all of its 217 stores in seven states, including Texas. Albertsons is replacing the self-checkout lanes with regular lanes and opening more staffed lanes during peak shopping hours.

Kroger may be making changes too. “As it remodels stores, Kroger has decided to consider the metro or Euro style of checkout lanes, with one customer line for multiple staffed express lanes vs. self checkouts,” the article notes.

“This isn’t a test,” said Kroger spokesman Gary Huddleston. “We are looking at each and every store as we remodel to determine which checkout works best.”

According to the story, a recently remodeled Kroger store on Cedar Springs in Dallas has both the metro lane and self-checkout lanes. And a new store on Haskell will have both options.

Whole Foods Mrket and H-E-B’s Central Market both use the metro lane express checkouts instead of self-checkout.

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