Stores Now Email Customer Receipts

customer checkingout 150x150 Stores Now Email Customer ReceiptsA typical weekend sojourn to our favorite retail destination was nothing out of the ordinary until my daughter opted to make a purchase at The Gap. “They’re emailing my receipt,” she casually announced as we were exiting the store.

Good idea, I thought. How many times have I lost a receipt that I wanted to save or needed for a rebate? How many times has my handbag been taking over by receipts that I swear clone themselves when I’m not looking.

And let’s not even talk about how many times I’ve struggled with an answer to “Receipt with you, or in the bag?” If I keep the receipt with me, chances that it’ll fall into the hands of bad guys are next to nil. But then they’re reproduce until they take over my purse. And if they’re put in the bag, that’s where they stay. You see my dilemma.

But wait, is this an innocent-looking ploy to get my email address? Nah, most retailers already have my address so I can get tipped off to sales and discounts.

The Gap and Nordstrom have offered the email option for the past couple of months and Finish Line and Bera Bradley are testing the option.

Now that your choice has expanded, will you want your receipt with you, in your bag or in your email inbox?

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