Starbucks is Choosing the Healthy Route

lettuce 150x150 Starbucks is Choosing the Healthy RouteConsumers all around are on the lookout for healthier food options in the midst of an obesity epidemic. To fill this demand, many food companies, such as Starbucks and Kraft, have come up with food options ideally suited for the health conscious.

Today,  Starbucks rolls out its new Bistro Boxes, which are small meals under 500 calories that cost less than $7, reports USAToday. They will come in 4 different types including Chicken Wraps and Sesame Noodles.  Starbucks began its health conscious move 4 months ago when they debuted their line of bite size desserts called Petites. Kraft also recently rolled out SnackWell treats in 100-150 calorie servings, while  Coke now serves 7.5 ounce, 90 calorie mini-cans, which are all a hit!

Are smaller portions helping you stay healthy?

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