Scammers Sell Plywood TVs in Parking Lot

tv 150x150 Scammers Sell Plywood TVs in Parking LotIn the latest instance of an old scam, a peddler was selling TVs at a big discount out of the back of his Cadillac in a parking lot in Arlington, TX. But the TVs turned out to be made of plywood, and the scammer is nowhere to be found.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the retail price on the TVs was shown as $1,999 each, and the man was selling them for $300. A woman who bargained on the price bought two TVs for $500, then discovered the TVs weren’t what they appeared to be.

“We were really happy because we got such a good deal,” said her husband. “When it was wrapped in bubble wrap, it appeared to be exactly what it was purported to be, a real flat screen TV. But when you unwrapped it, it was just plywood.”

Also, a story on KDAF-TV, Ch. 33, Dallas-Fort Worth, shows how the fake TV was packaged. See the story at this link:,0,4244252.story

Shae Moore, spokesperson for the BBB in Fort Worth, said in the Star-Telegram that the price of the TVs, along with the man’s reluctance to give any information, should have been red flags to the buyer.

Scammers have been known to sell phony speakers and other products in the same way. Often, the sellers claim to be offering a bargain because the items are “left over” from a delivery, or stuck in an over-full warehouse. Once a few sales are made, the scammer moves on and buyers have no way of getting their money back.

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