How Much is a Movie Worth?

tv 150x150 How Much is a Movie Worth?As a subscriber to Netflix, I get why the company is raising prices to $7.99 per month for DVDs delivered one at a time plus/or $7.99 for streaming, a 60 percent increase over current fees. I am not about to begrudge a business wanting to cover its own costs for services that it provides. Streaming media content is the future of  Netflix and the company said it was surprised at the continued demand for DVDs.

What it does is make me evaluate if the service is worth what I spend. Where before I didn’t think twice about the monthly fees on my credit card I now find myself asking if my family will watch enough movies or TV shows via Netflix to make the additional $6 monthly expense for the DVD/streaming option justifiable.

Other Netflix subscribers are out and out upset. More than 77,000 customers posted comments on the company’s Facebook page following the announcement of the rate hike. Another 5,000 commented on the company’s blog. Many stated they have canceled their subscriptions or plan to do so before Sept. 1 when current customers are converted to the new rate structure.

If you’re a Netflix customer, what are your thoughts about the company’s rate hike?




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